Uniclife Handheld Ultrasonic Portable Personal Cool Mist Aromatherapy Inhaler

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Uniclife handheld ultrasonic portable nebulizer
is a special device that serves to break up drugs into an aerosol and deliver them into the organs of the patient’s respiratory system. The size of the medicine will be reduced to 0.5-5 microns, which guarantees the deepest penetration of the substance into the necessary sections of the respiratory tract. The main advantages of this ultrasonic model are a noiseless operation, microsized particles, the possibility of use in a tilted state, for the treatment of bedridden patients, aerosol formation efficiency, availability of battery for operation in the absence of voltage.

This Uniclife nebulizer can be used not only in a medical institution but also at home. It will be very useful to the following category of patients: families with a child prone to colds and bronchitis, families who have a patient with chronic diseases of the respiratory system. It’s very beneficial in the treatment of diseases in which the ultrasonic inhaler gives the greatest effect: asthma, pulmonary disease, bronchitis, cystic fibrosis, catarrhal, respiratory diseases, bronchiectasis, chronic cough.

This model is perfectly suitable for children or adults.

The inhalation process with Uniclife ultrasonic nebulizer involves the following procedures:

  • wash your hands with soap;
  • collect all parts of the device, using the instructions if necessary;
  • pour the drug (preheated to room temperature) in the required dosage into the measuring inhaler cup;
  • close the device and connect the face mask or mouthpiece;
  • plug in power;
  • turn on the device and conduct inhalation therapy. This process will take 7-10 minutes;
  • after inhalation, turn off the device and disconnect all its components;
  • wash the nebulizer components without brushes. To do this, just dip them in hot water or in a 15% solution of baking soda;
  • the device must be clean and dried, wrapped in a towel or any other cloth.

The ultrasonic inhaler is subject to systematic disinfection or sterilization. Boil it for 10 minutes in disassembled form or sterilize it in a sterilizer designed for processing baby bottles.

The package includes 1 Uniclife Ultrasonic nebulizer, 1 x DC 12V transformer, 2 masks (big & small), 2 rodent spigots, 5 medicine cups, 1 user manual.

Type: Ultrasonic
Particle Size: 0.5-5 μm
Home or Portable: Portable
Noise Level: Less than 30 dB
Chamber Volume: 10 ml
Use for Kids: Yes
Atomization volume 0.375ml/min.: 20mins timing automatically
Atomization volume 0.35ml/min.: 10mins timing automatically
Ultrasonic frequency: 2.4Mhz
Output voltage: DC12V
Input voltage: 110 ~ 220V
Vessel capacity: 25ml
Item weight: 159g/5.6oz
Dimension: 215 x 215 x 75mm (with package)
Package weight: 430g/15.2oz
Optimum water temperature:68℉ to 104℉


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