TOPCHANCES Ultrasonic Portable Mini Handheld Cool Mist Nebulizer

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TOPCHANCES Ultrasonic Portable Nebulizer is a pocket size, compact and lightweight device that is easy to carry and easy to operate. This model is popular due to low power consumption and efficient nebulization. The machine has one button operation and suitable for all ages. You can use it with a mask or a mouthpiece for the treatment of colds, cough, asthma, pharyngitis, rhinitis, bronchitis, pneumoconiosis, and other respiratory diseases.

This mesh nebulizer forms therapeutic aerosol using a special vibrating membrane (mesh with micron holes). This device also uses ultrasound, but it is aimed at the membrane, which is thus set in motion. Due to the adjustable frequency of the grid oscillations, medicinal particles can be crushed to the required size (large – for the upper paths, small ones – for absorption by the alveoli of the lungs).

TOPCHANCES Mesh Portable Mini Nebulizer combines the advantages of ultrasonic and compressor devices: it is silent and versatile: you can add various drugs in its cup, including antibiotics, mucolytics and hormonal preparations.

The average particle size in the formed “cloud” is 1-5 μm.

This model works from a power outlet or batteries. During the procedure, the device can be tilted at an angle of up to 45º – the liquid will not spill, therefore it is allowed to conduct inhalations even in the lying position. This moment is especially important for patients who are not able to get out of bed.

The package includes 1 nebulizer, 1 mask for an adult, 1 mask for a child, 1 mouthpiece, 1 USB cable, and 1 instruction manual.

The manufacturer recommends sterilizing this medicine cup with 20-60 degrees hot clean water when you use it the first time. The nebulizer itself does not have the heating function.

How to use TOPCHANCES Ultrasonic Portable Nebulizer:

  1. Before the treatment with the nebulizer, you must wash your hands with soap as your skin may contain pathogenic microbes;
  2. Assemble all parts of the device in accordance with the instructions;
  3. Pour the required amount of drug into the medicine chamber (room temperature);
  4. Close the nebulizer and attach a mask or a mouthpiece;
  5. Turn on the device and conduct inhalation for 7-10 minutes or until the solution is finished;
  6. Turn off the device, disconnect and disassemble it;
  7. Wash all parts of the nebulizer with hot water. Do not use brushes;
  8. Sterilize the nebulizer in a disassembled form. You can use boiling water. Disinfection must be carried out once a week;
  9. Store the dried nebulizer in a clean napkin or towel.

Type: Ultrasonic
Particle Size: 1-5 μm
Home or Portable: Portable
Chamber Volume: 8 ml
Use for Kids: Yes
Size:4.5 x 4.5 x 10cm
Power: 2.0W
Atomization rate: About 0.2ml/min
Operating frequency: 120KHz±10%
Power Supply: 2 x AA Batteries(Not included)


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