Quiet Nebulizers for Asthma Treatment for Adults and Kids

Asthma cause is a chronic inflammation of the airways. During an attack, the tissues react to an irritant (smoke, dust, chemicals, even exercise and cold). Smooth muscles contract, mucus is secreted, so the air passages are narrowed. Because of this, it is difficult for a man to breathe, he wheezes and coughs. Essentially, asthma is the body’s immune response.Quiet Nebulizers for Asthma Treatment for Adults and Kids

One of the treatments for asthma is inhalation through a nebulizer. A nebulizer is a device that converts liquid medicine into an aerosol, delivering it as quickly as possible to the focus of the disease.

A nebulizer is used to combat dry coughs, runny nose, and other health problems. There are different models of devices that differ in functionality, principle of operation, method of use and price. Each type of nebulizers has pros and cons, indications and contraindications. Some models are produced specifically for children and have a bright case of an unusual toy shape.

Types of nebulizers

Ultrasonic nebulizers

Ultrasonic nebulizers create aerosol by vibrating a piezoelectric element on the surface of the solution. They are compact and quiet, so they are convenient to take with you. Silence allows small children to inhale, even when they sleep. The disadvantage of this technology is that antibiotics, hormones, mucolytics and other substances that are destroyed when heated cannot be used in the device. You can do inhalation of saline, mineral water, medicines based on herbal extracts.

Mesh nebulizers

Mesh nebulizers create an aerosol by sifting the drug through a fine mesh membrane. These nebulizers are well suited for allergy sufferers and asthmatics. They can be used with any medicine and inhaled anywhere. They are compact and run on batteries. The slope does not affect the operation of the mesh inhaler, so it can be used lying down. They are usually more expensive than others.

What does a nebulizer consist of?

The nebulizer consists of a main part – a small block made of safe plastic. Its main task is to convert the liquid medicine into a finely dispersed vapor. A flexible silicone hose is connected to it, on which, in turn, various nozzles for the nose and throat are attached. Some inhalers have a valve that stops the drug from being delivered during exhalation. This saves medicine.

Tips for choosing a quite nebulizer

  • Choose a breath-synchronized nebulizer if you are on a strict dosage medication (such as hormones). Such models deliver aerosol only when inhaling, this allows you to save medicine and keep the right dosage.
  • Compressor inhalers are suitable for those who are looking for a cough remedy, as well as for patients with chronic diseases who need to inhale frequently. For these purposes, powerful nebulizers with a high inhalation rate are better suited.
  • Small children can be frightened by a loud device, so if the inhaler is for a child, pay attention to the noise level. As mentioned above, the quietest nebulizers are ultrasonic. Mesh inhalers are also quiet. Many compressor inhalers for children come in the form of toys or with various fun designs to keep the baby interested.
  • If you need an inhaler to always be at hand, choose a nebulizer with mesh technology. Ultrasonic inhalers are also portable, but remember that not all medications can be used with them.
  • When choosing an inhaler, pay attention to the indicator of the residual solution volume in the chamber. The smaller it is, the more economically the medicine will be used. This is important when it comes to expensive medicines.
  • For the treatment of the upper respiratory tract diseases, a steam inhaler or any nebulizer that sprays an aerosol with large particles of 5-10 microns is suitable. As a universal device, you can choose a nebulizer with the ability to adjust the particle size.

What is important to remember?

  • If you need an adult-only device for treating a cold without fever, get a simple steam inhaler.
  • If you need an inhaler for kids that will help with coughs and runny nose, or if you need a universal family model, get a compressor inhaler. It will be efficient with all kinds of drugs.
  • Asthma and allergy sufferers, or those who would rather have an inhaler on hand should choose mesh nebulizers. They are compact and work with any medication.