Pulmomate Micromist Compressor Nebulizer Sunrise Medical HHG 4650D

  • Pulmomate Micromist Nebulizer

Pulmomate Micromist Compressor Nebulizer 4650D is widely used during therapeutic therapy and preventive measures associated with the work of the respiratory system. The device converts liquid medicine into the smallest particles (1-5 microns) under the influence of the built-in compressor. Then ultra-fine particles reach the targeted area in the lungs.

The biggest advantage of this model is that it can dispense almost any drug. In addition, it is portable and can be used at home.

Another advantage of Pulmomate Micromist Nebulizer 4650D is the lack of age restrictions. Older people and children will be able to use this device with the help of special masks.

Features of the Sunrise Medical HHG 4650D nebulizer:

  • an updated compressor/motor;
  • intuitive design is easy-to-use and care;
  • rapid penetration (delivery) of the drug into the affected organs;
  • easy adaptation of patients to the procedure of inhalation (it is painless and comfortable);
  • fits easily into luggage, backpacks and diaper bags;
  • suitable for kids and adults;
  • high respirable fraction;
  • integrated handle for easy carrying;
  • can dispense almost any drug;
  • very high absorbability of the medicinal aerosol directly in the airways;
  • sleek case design;
  • metal frame motor construction;
  • large built-in compartment for storing nebulizers and tubing.

The duration of inhalation is usually 7-10 minutes. The course of treatment depends on the complexity of the disease.

Type: Compressor
Particle Size: 1-5 μm
Home or Portable: Portable
Chamber Volume: 6 ml
Use for Kids: Yes
Length: 7″
Width: 13″
Height: 3.8″
Unit Weight: 5.7 lbs.
Max. Comp. Pressure: 35 psig or greater
Free Air Flow (lpm): 8 lpm or greater
Neb. Operating Pressure: 11 – 16 psi
Noise Level: 53 dBA
Compressor Type: piston
Electrical Req.: 115 Volts AC, 60 Hz, 2.5 A
Electrical Approval: UL 1431
Power Consumption: 140 watts
Product Weight: 5.3 lbs


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