Pricare Portable Handheld BlueWhite Ultrasonic Mesh Inhaler for Adults and Kids

  • Pricare Portable Handheld BlueWhite Ultrasonic Mesh Inhaler
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Pricare Portable Handheld Mesh Nebulizer is a high-tech medical device used in the treatment and prevention of various ailments of the respiratory system, such as pneumonia, tracheitis, rhinitis, bronchitis, tuberculosis, asthma, allergies, acute respiratory diseases, rhinosinusitis, etc. The principle of operation is based on the vibration of a film-membrane with nano-holes, the medicine passes through them, then it is transformed into a dispersion composition with a small particle size that penetrates deep into the lungs and bronchi. The mesh technology allows using the Pricare nebulizer with a large list of drugs: antibiotics, hormones, antiseptics, etc. Its operating is silent, which means the device can be used for a child from his first days.

How does it work?

The medicinal substance in the mesh nebulizer is converted into a fine aerosol cloud, passing through a special mesh membrane, vibrating under the action of low-frequency ultrasound. This method eliminates the use of a compressor and allows the device to take a more compact form. The holes in the mesh membrane are so small that the size of the sprayed particles is less than 5 microns. Thus, the drug successfully reaches the lungs and bronchi. Pricare Portable Handheld BlueWhite nebulizer delivers the medicine to the targeted inflamed area, without loading other departments.

Having a lower frequency of ultrasonic vibrations, this device can spray preparations not only on water basis but even on oil basis. You can use this system for treating small children and do inhalation without fear of frightening or waking the baby.

Advantages of Pricare Portable Handheld Mesh Nebulizer:

  • Maximum efficiency;
  • Economical use of the drug;
  • Silent operation (noise level is less than 25 dB);
  • Versatility: suitable for children and adults;
  • 2 ways of power supplies;
  • Compatibility with most drugs intended for inhalation;
  • The possibility of the procedure inhalation at any angle, even in a lying position;
  • Compact design: allows you to take the device with you and use it anywhere;
  • Easy handling.

This mesh nebulizer quickly affects the body, promoting a speedy recovery, it’s suitable for use by the whole family.

This device successfully helps in the treatment of almost any respiratory diseases. But it requires careful care and handling. In order to avoid failure of the device, carefully read the instructions before using it and follow the advice of your doctor.

The box includes 1 mini portable inhaler, 1 mouthpiece, 2 masks (1 for adult,1 for child), 2 AA batteries, 1 USB cable, 1 manual.


  • The nebulizer is not rechargeable;
  • This device cannot atomize distilled water;
  • The device converts water to fine cool mist, it cannot produce steam;
  • After each use, please clean the system with plain water to remove the drug residue from the mesh holes.

Type: Ultrasonic
Particle Size: 2-5 μm
Home or Portable: Portable
Noise Level: Less than 25 dB
Chamber Volume: 8 mL
Use for Kids: Yes
Technology: Vibrating mesh
Vibrating Frequency: Approx. 110KHz ±10KHz
Rate: >0.2ml/min
Power Consumption: Approx. 3W
Dimension: 5(H) x 2(L) x1.5(W) inches
Power Supply: 2 ways of power supplies, 1.5v x2 AA batteries or micro USB
Residue: min.


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I would like to speak with someone on my machine. It does not give out the mist. turns green, then goes to red. What do I need to do, or does it needs to be replaced? can someone respond to me? I would really appreciate it. I see not phone number to call you. You have a phone number so I can speak to some one? Please help, I need to use this unit. I do have this unit. thanks for your time on this matter.

Sarah Vigil

Response from My Nebulizer Machine

Good day! First of all, you need to contact the manufacturer of your nebulizer. The phone number must be indicated in the manual for this device. Hope, it will help you cope with the problem fast.

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