Portable Nebulizer Reviews

Portable nebulizers can be used at home, on the road or during vacations. The main advantages of these devices are low weight, compactness and autonomy. The traveling nebulizer runs on battery power, a convenient bag is used for storage and transportation. Let’s consider the types of portable travel nebulizers, their distinctive properties and advantages.Portable Travel Nebulizer

Types of portable nebulizer machines

Before you buy a small portable nebulizer, you need to know the type of operation of the chamber and the sprayer. Nebulizer chambers are divided into two types:

  • convection;
  • breath-operated.

Convection chambers spray the particles in a continuous stream, as a result, more than half of the drug substance is wasted. Breathing controlled inhalers are equipped with a valve system that blocks the flow of aerosols during expiration. These are the most expensive models, but they save drug consumption. However, it is better to buy convection devices for children, because the child’s inspiration is weak. It prevents the valves to start operating.

According to the principle of spraying water-soluble substances in aerosols, inhalers are divided into the following types:

  • compressor;
  • ultrasound;
  • electronic mesh.

Compressor models form the flow of aerosols due to the operation of a reciprocating compressor. It forms a directed vortex that breaks water molecules into particles. It is suitable for most types of medication.

Portable ultrasonic nebulizers are more expensive, work silently. However, they are not suitable for some types of drugs, since they destroy the effectiveness of the medical formula.

Electronic mesh devices are compact. They combine the advantages of the compressor and ultrasonic nebulizers. They are expensive, require constant mesh replacement.

Features of portable nebulizers

Travel nebulizer machine is suitable for people who spend much time traveling. Such portable inhalers can be easily placed into a woman’s handbag, allowing you to complete the course of treatment while on vacation at sea or in the mountains. The pocket nebulizer will be an indispensable assistant in those families where there are members with asthma, allergies. They should not be used at home only where the standard device for inhalation is installed. People can safely go to the park or on a journey, having an inhaler within reach.

Travel nebulizer can be of different types:

  • compressor: the bulkiest modification of all travel nebulizer therapy devices. It weighs about 500 grams and works with the help of a compressor.
  • ultrasonic: compact nebulizer with a mass of 200-300 g functions on the basis of the liquid transformation into an aerosol under the action of ultrasonic vibrations.
  • membrane nebulizer: efficient, miniature, silent mesh nebulizer equipped with a special mesh membrane, which vibrates under the influence of ultrasound. It transforms the solution into an aerosol consisting of tiny particles.

You must first consult with your doctor before buying a pocket mesh-membrane, a small ultrasonic travel nebulizer or portable compressor nebulizer.

The best travel nebulizers

OMRON nebulizer

Portable nebulizer Omron CompAir C24 compressor type can be taken on the road. The weight of the device does not exceed 500 grams. There is also a children’s model including toys – the Omron CompAir C24 Kids nebulizer. This is convenient to operate model, equipped with two masks, a nozzle for the nose and a mouthpiece. The device is supplied with a power supply unit, perfectly disperses aerosol particles and does not require special maintenance. However, the Omron nebulizer model CompAir C24 is not suitable for the treatment of infants, because they cannot use this device safely. In addition, all compressor devices are noisy, which scares troubled kids.

For pocket use, you can purchase the Omron MicroAir electronic mesh inhaler. The nebulizer Omron model U22 is the most miniature ultrasonic device of this line. Its weight is 97 grams. Omron inhaler is suitable for the treatment of children and adults, has no restrictions in the choice of medications, can work at any inclination angle. The device has protection against spilling. It is equipped with a pair of penlight batteries. It starts performing at the touch of a button.

Nebulizer AND UN-233

AND UN-233 nebulizerThe ultrasonic travel portable nebulizer Andes model UN-233 weighs only 98 grams. The device can operate from mains and the battery. It is suitable for manual use. The device is equipped with child and adult nozzles in addition to mode control. This inhaler works completely silently, can be used for rapid relief of asthma attacks. There are no disadvantages in the model – it is an ideal mobile device for quick help.

AND UN-231

AND UN-231This portable ultrasonic nebulizer is distinguished by its small size – 60x140x50 mm – and a small weight of 185 g. Thus, it does not require special storage space and is easy to hold even in children’s hands. The nebulizer can be hidden in the bag so that the parts of the kit are not missed. They can be stored in one place.

This model is universal and suitable for both adults and children. Together with the nebulizer, you get adult and children masks. Also, there are 5 containers for drugs with a volume of 4.5 ml, and, inhalation can be carried out even with 1 ml, which is very economical. It is completely safe to use the nebulizer – it automatically turns off, preventing overheating, burning out of the inhaler and short-circuiting of electricians.

With this nebulizer, you will be able to conduct inhalation of both the upper and lower respiratory tract. The medicinal solution is converted into an aerosol with a particle size of 5 μm. The aerosol flow itself can be adjusted using the air filter. Thus, you can carry out inhalation with a nebulizer when coughing, as well as alleviate the condition in asthma, obstructive pulmonary diseases, use the device in the treatment of ARVI, pneumonia, laryngitis. A nebulizer for bronchitis is also effective – its area of application is quite wide, so consult your doctor before the first inhalation.

The peculiarity of this nebulizer is its mobility, and not only because of its compactness and lightness. So you can take inhalations at any time. Such a nebulizer can be both a basic device for home use and an additional, traveling portable nebulizer that will always lie in the car so that the attack will not take you or your children by surprise.

The inhaler is very quiet, only 34 dB. You can, for example, simultaneously do inhalation and watch TV. Please note: the device can operate continuously for no more than 30 minutes, after which it needs to cool down also for half an hour, after which you can start using it again.