PChero Mini Handheld Battery Powered Nebulizer (Black)

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PChero Inhaler is professional mesh nebulizer machine. It operates on the basis of micro-porous direct mesh and ultrasonic technology. It will produce an aerosol with particles sized from 3-5 microns.

This device is easy to use. It is one-button operated. The continuous work lasts for 15 minutes. The inhalation session may be continued after repeated turning on. After 15 minutes left, the device will stop operating automatically.

Pchero produces a compact, handheld, portable device which you can take outdoors to carry out therapy in any place you want. It has 2 AA batteries which will maintain the operation of your device for 4 hours of continuous working. Hence, this device has a USB cable for charging your device.

PChero Mini Handheld Battery Powered Nebulizer (Black) is silent-operated. It produces noise less than 25 dB. It won’t destroy the activities of people near you. Hence, this device belongs to low power consumed.

The maximum chamber volume is 15 ml. The wastage of the medication is less than 0,1 ml. The less the wastage is the greater the particles reach bronchi and lungs.

Additionally, this nebulizer may be used in beauty and dental care purposes. The second of his options is a humidifier. It may be used for a faster increase of humidity in the area you live or work.

Type: Mesh Nebulizer
Medication capacity: max. 15 ml
Noise Level: less than 25 dB
Power Supply: Powered by 2 AA Batteries
Working Time: 200 Minutes
Medication Waste:


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