Noisy Compressor Nebulizers – Benefits and Efficiency in Kids

A nebulizer is a device in which a non-hot cloud of a finely dispersed drug is formed. It is formed due to a compressor or ultrasonic mechanism. This cloud is easy to inhale. Due to small particles, the drug easily penetrates the lungs and bronchi. This contributes to the fastest recovery.noisy nebulizers


Nebulizers are divided into:

  1. compressor;
  2. ultrasonic;
  3. mesh.

Compressor nebulizers produce a medicinal cloud through the compressor. Usually, compressor nebulizers are bigger in size and weight than ultrasonic ones. One of the main disadvantages is considered to be the noise (over 55 dB) that the compressor emits during its operation. At the same time, the advantage of compressor nebulizers is the use of almost all types of drugs.

Ultrasonic nebulizers have a compact size, light weight. It is almost noseless that makes your nebulizer quiet. A significant disadvantage is that a wide range of drugs cannot be used in ultrasonic inhalers. The use of antibiotics and hormones is prohibited, since ultrasound destroys drug molecules. Their use, in this case, will not give a therapeutic effect.

Mesh – nebulizers. This technology allows inhalation to be carried out at any angle, for example, to a bedridden patient. Nebulizers have the smallest size and weight. These devices are very convenient for people with an active lifestyle. Asthma sick may take the mesh nebulizer with even during traveling.

Benefits of inhalation therapy

Nebulizer therapy has advantages over other types of inhalation therapy:

  • the inhalation therapy can be used at any age since the patient is not required to adjust his breathing to the device operation and, at the same time, perform any actions, for example, press the can, hold the inhaler, etc.
  • there is no need to inhale strong. It allows the use of nebulizer therapy in a severe attack of bronchial asthma, as well as in elderly patients.
  • nebulization therapy allows the use of drugs in effective doses with no side effects.
  • this therapy provides continuous and rapid delivery of medication through a compressor.
  • it is the safest method of inhalation therapy since it does not use propellants (solvents or carrier gases), unlike metered aerosol inhalers.
  • this is a modern and comfortable method of treating bronchopulmonary diseases in children and adults.

Compression noisy nebulizers for children

Mothers are wondering which type of apparatus to choose among all the proposed variety. Many pediatricians recommend a compressor inhaler for children as the best option for home use. It is recommended even if it noisy. You may cover your compressor nebulizer to make less loud.

What are the benefits of a baby compressor noisy inhaler?

  • The device operates on the basis of a compressor that creates powerful air flows. The system is considered very reliable in use. It does not require special professional skills: any mother at home can provide her child with effective help with colds. The design does not require the purchase of separate accessories during use.
  • The compressor inhaler is perfect for home use.
  • The nebulizer allows you to use a variety of drugs for treatment. The device converts substances into a special format for inhalation, without disturbing the structure and composition of the drug.
  • If a child is coughing, the compressor inhaler is one of the main means of treatment. With the help of a discharged pressure, the sprayed agent penetrates into the most distant parts of the respiratory system.

Difference in noise level – permissible standards

The noise level is usually measured in decibels (dB). The sound in decibels has the following strength:

  • in the forest – 12 – 26 dB;
  • human whisper – 20 – 30 dB;
  • while cooking food on the stove – 36 – 45 dB;
  • during a normal conversation – 40 – 50 dB;
  • in the elevator – 36 – 44 dB;
  • in the office – 55 – 65 dB;
  • outdoors – 75 – 85 dB;
  • crying baby – 76 – 82 dB;
  • audio system – 84 – 88 dB;
  • in industrial factories – 75 – 115 dB;
  • the operation of the cross-cut saw – 100 – 105 dB;
  • the operation of the jackhammer – 118 – 126 dB.

As you can guess, compressor nebulizer is not so noisy especially in a room with switched on TV.