Noiseless Nebulizers for Breathing Relief: Advantages and Tips for Choosing

In the past, people tried to treat any disease with herbal decoctions. When coughing, they breathed over a pot of potatoes; with a sore throat, they consumed tons of raspberries with tea. Today medicine has gone far ahead, and folk remedies have faded into the background. They were replaced by new methods and drugs that are much more effective in combating various diseases. One of these modern means is inhalation therapy with a nebulizer. The device converts liquid medicine into an aerosol, delivering it as quickly as possible to the focus of the disease.

A nebulizer is used to treat dry coughs, runny nose, and other health problems. Nebulizers can be conditionally divided accord-ing to the level of noise, the principle of operation, the age category of users, and the price range. One of the most popular types of machines is a quiet nebulizer for albuterol and essential oil with a noise level less 25db.

Noiseless Nebulizers for Breathing Relief

Varieties of quiet nebulizer machines

Ultrasonic nebulizers are characterized by a low noise level but are not suitable for all medications. Compressor units are characterized by a high noise level, despite the wide range of substances used. Manufacturers have tried to combine these two types to provide the necessary characteristics. Noiseless nebulizers can be used effectively and safely when children are sick. The set intended for the whole family must include an adult and a child’s mask. Ultrasonic and mesh nebulizers will not scare a child, as they work quietly or completely silently. Forming rather small aerosol particles, these inhalers will facilitate deeper penetration of the drug. Mesh devices can be used even when a child is sleeping.

Whisper quiet nebulizers include mesh inhalers. They are mobile, easy to use, and super quiet – their noise level is less than 25 dB and even less than 20 in some model. To have a better idea of how silent they are, look at the picture below. It turns out that many nebulizers are as quiet as rustling leaves:

noise level

The disadvantage of such models is the fixed particle size. Such devices will not be able to cure pneumonia since the medicine will not pass beyond the bronchi. But they are indispensable for ARVI, asthma, bronchitis. Nowadays, you can buy a small quiet nebulizer at an affordable price.

According to consumer reviews, noiseless ultrasonic and mesh nebulizers are in high demand. The principle of their work is the splitting of the drug solution by high-frequency waves or a vibrating membrane into microscopic particles. This method is most effective in the treatment of banal ARVI and even pneumonia. In addition, it is also an economical method since at the end of the session there is practically no solution left in the tank.

What conditions can nebulizers treat?

Inhalers are designed to fight various diseases of the respiratory system but they can also be used for prophylaxis. Typically, treatments are prescribed to alleviate dry coughs for colds. The nebulizer helps to relieve swelling and moisturize the airways. A phlegm cough can also be treated with an inhaler, which helps to remove phlegm from the lungs.

Also, the nebulizer is used to strengthen the immune system and for the following acute and chronic diseases:

  • Runny nose;
  • Acute or chronic rhinitis;
  • Mild forms of bronchitis;
  • Not an acute form of pneumonia;
  • Fungal and viral lesions;
  • Inflammation of the mucous membranes.

The nebulizer is also used for complex diseases with acute attacks – asthma and allergic reactions – for quick relief of health. The medicinal composition in such cases is selected by the doctor.

Tips for choosing the best quiet nebulizer

  1. When choosing a device for use at home, it is recommended to consult a doctor, as some medicines can be destroyed during the procedure. A nebulizer is especially useful in a house where a small child lives since children are much more susceptible to respiratory tract diseases than adults;
  2. When choosing a suitable model, keep in mind that the more modes of operation it has, the more efficient its use. The set must include masks for children and adults. This will allow the whole family to use the device;
  3. If the device is needed exclusively for a child, consider devices with a child’s design. The operating noise level should not exceed 25 dB;
  4. Compact devices that run on a rechargeable battery or batteries, unlike network devices, are convenient to take with you on trips and for a walk.

What else should I remember?

  1. If you need a device for adults only in case of treating colds without fever – take a simple steam inhaler;
  2. If you need an inhaler for children to treat coughs and runny nose, or if you need a universal family model, take a quiet compressor nebulizer. It will work with all kinds of drugs;
  3. Those suffering from asthma, allergy, or those who would rather have an inhaler on hand should choose mesh nebulizers. They are compact and work with any medication;
  4. In addition, when choosing the best nebulizer, special attention should be paid to the size of the medicinal particles that the device sprays: the smaller, the better – because you can use special drugs and treat pneumonia;
  5. The price of silent nebulizers depends on their type, the volume of the drug reservoir, and the model’s configuration. There are both budget de-vices and professional ones.