Meds Pro Pediatric Compressor Bunny Themed for Children

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Meds Pro Pediatric Compressor Bunny Themed for Children offers a portable nebulizer suitable for kids of different ages. This device produces small particles able to enter the most remote areas of the lungs. Children will enjoy inhalation sessions as the nebulizer looks like a bunny.

This device is a bit noisy as it operates on a compressor piston. But we have not found any negative reviews confirming the anxiety of children to undergo therapies.

Meds Pro offers a standard chamber volume. It suits for different medications except for solutions based on the oily body. Such a liquid will destroy the automatization of this device.

Type: Compressor
Home or Portable: Portable
Use for Kids: Yes


5.0 rating

My daughter is asthmatic. She constantly takes solution through Med2000 Penguin. This nebulizer is very useful and attractive for a small child. It has additional masks fit for toddlers. Very convenient!


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