Home Nebulizer: How to Use and Top 9 the Best Devices

Nebulizer therapy is used for both adults and children. It is also used in infants’ treatment. However, visiting the clinic for inhalations is not always convenient. As a result, many people decide to purchase an inhaler for home use.Nebulizers for Using at Home

Types of home nebulizer machines

Today, manufacturers offer various types of inhalers, which differ in their functionality, mode of operation and cost. To make the right choice and buy a really useful nebulizer for home use, you should first get acquainted with their types:

  • Steam. This is the simplest type of home nebulizer. The mode of operation is based on liquid evaporation due to heating. A steam inhaler is used in cases when there are no serious diseases when there are either the runny nose or sore throat. It can also be used for cosmetological procedures – facial masks to expand pores. Fees, herbal teas, aromatic oils can be used as medicinal mixtures.
  • Compressor. It belongs to a universal option, they are suitable for both adults and children. The kit usually contains nozzles of different sizes. Dispersion of the drug occurs without heating due to the powerful pressure of the air flow through the narrow chamber lumen. Compressor inhaler can be used in conjunction with a very extensive range of drugs, including the prescription of antiseptics or antibiotics.
  • Ultrasound. This type of nebulizer machine for home use differs in portability and silent operation. It is especially suitable for children’ use. This is a great option, which, thanks to its compact size, can be taken even on the road. It works due to the impact of high-frequency ultrasound, which forms an aerosol cloud. The duration of the procedure for complete irrigation of the respiratory tract requires only 5 minutes. Drug microparticles reach even remote parts of the respiratory system. It ensures the effectiveness of treatment even with the damage of the bronchi and lungs. However, this device may not be used with all medications and solutions.
  • MESH-nebulizers. This is an option that has included in itself the advantages of the above models and eliminated their disadvantages. These devices use low-frequency ultrasonic waves that do not destroy the drug molecules. These nebulizers are highly compact and involve the use of a wide range of solutions. Using such nebulizer at home, it is even possible to perform procedures even while the child is sleeping.

How to use nebulizer at home?

  • Using an inhaler at high body temperature is strictly prohibited.
  • Inhalation cannot be done earlier than 1.5 hours after a meal.
  • After the inhalation, do not go out, do not eat, do not talk within 1 hour.
  • In the nebulizer (compressor inhaler), it is strictly forbidden to use oil agents because there is a high probability of particles entering the lungs, which provokes oil pneumonia. Also, it is impossible to use herbal infusions, the device is not designed for this, it will clog and be damaged.
  • The general course of treatment with inhalation lasts from 5 to 10 days.
  • Open solutions for inhalation are stored in the refrigerator, but not more than a day. If necessary, warm it to room temperature and use.
  • You should not do the inhalation for more often than 5-6 times a day. The interval between procedures should be at least 1.5 -2 hours.
  • The duration of inhalation is about 20 minutes.
  • If the doctor has prescribed several different medications, then it is necessary to observe the correct sequence of inhalations. The first inhalation is with a bronchodilator medication, after 1.5 hours – with a drug that discharges sputum, after another 1.5 hours – an antibiotic or antiseptic.

9 Best nebulizer machines for home use

Top steam inhalers

The steam inhaler heats the solution, the patient breathes the resulting vapor. Herbal teas and essential oils are used for the treatment of bronchial diseases.

Takio YH1502 – a simple and inexpensive inhaler-sauna

Takio YH1502The device is characterized as an inhaler and a sauna for the face. The device itself is operated from the mains. The volume of the reservoir for drugs is relatively small –40 ml, but such a device is easy to use and convenient to store. The final device weighs only 100 g. A wide nozzle is suitable for simultaneous inhalation of the throat and nose. The kit does not have a mask for infants. It is explained by the high steam temperature. Such inhalers are contraindicated for children use.


  • compact size;
  • fast heating;
  • easy to use and the minimum details;
  • affordable price.


  • small tank for therapeutic composition;
  • no removable camera in the evaporator.

Bremed BD7100 – the perfect aromatherapy device

Bremed BD7100The compact (205x220x190 mm) steam inhaler weighing 560 g is able to operate continuously up to 20 minutes. The kit includes a nozzle, a wide bell-sauna and an aromatherapy cup. Despite its simplicity, the device turned out to be very functional. You can treat colds, aromatize and humidify the air in the rooms, steam out the skin of the face for cosmetic purposes.


  • small size;
  • strong and dense plastic;
  • ease of washing;
  • extended equipment.


expensive for steam device.

The best compressor home nebulizers treatments

The compressor nebulizer for home use creates a powerful stream of air, splitting the drug into the smallest particles without heating. The resulting aerosol penetrates all parts of the respiratory system, which makes these devices universal.

Microlife NEB 200 – a quiet device for the whole family

Microlife NEB 200The older model in the NEB lineup is designed for half an hour of continuous operation. The device disperses the drug composition at a rate of 0.4 ml/min, turning it into a “fog” with a particle size of 3.2-5 microns.

Like other compressor inhalers, the device is noisy but much quieter than many analogs. It is also equipped in full. In the set, there are: children’s and adult masks, mouthpiece, nozzle, spray and other accessories.


  • small for compressor size;
  • good performance;
  • high-quality spraying;
  • the ability to add the drug in the process of inhalation;
  • Noise is quieter than other compressor nebulizers have.


short-lasting thin plastic masks.

Omron A3 Complete (Comp Air NE-C300) – for asthma, rhinitis, and cough

Omron A3 Complete (Comp Air NE-C300)The device with 3 modes of operation allows irrigating the upper, middle and lower respiratory tract with medical solutions. The capacity of the nebulizer chamber is 12 ml. The flow rate is 0.7-1.1 ml/min. At the release, an aerosol with a particle size of 3-10 microns is formed. The kit contains masks for adults and children, a mouthpiece, nasal cannulas and a zipper pouch for storage.


  • rich equipment;
  • fast healing effect;
  • comfortable carrying handle;
  • minimum drug balance (not more than 0.5 ml).


  • high price;
  • a noise which scares kids.

Omron A3 is universal, can be used to treat adults and children over 4-5 years old. Bronchial asthma, COPD, bronchitis, bronchopneumonia are among the indications for use.

Best ultrasonic inhalers

Ultrasonic waves of modern nebulizers break down drugs to the state of the smallest particles. Unlike compressors, they do it very quietly.

A & D UN-231 – compact and quiet

A & D UN-23With a modest size of 60x140x50 mm and a weight of 185 g, the AND inhaler can be safely referred to as portable home nebulizer. Moreover, it works both from the network, and from the battery or cigarette lighter in the car (the adapter comes in the kit).

The device is almost silent – at a distance of a meter, it produces only 34 dB. It has an auto-shutdown function, 5 interchangeable medication cups, adult and baby masks. It is suitable for the treatment of all respiratory diseases.


  • small particles;
  • it is controlled by one button;
  • airflow adjustment;
  • very quiet;
  • auto power off after 10 minutes of inactivity.


  • it is not stable due to low weight;
  • to overturn, the medicine will not save right there.

UN-231 is suitable for periodic procedures outside the home (in the car, at work). It is very convenient for treating children on the road, but during inhalation, it is better to hold it in hands.

Little Doctor LD-250U – safe device

Little Doctor LD-250ULD-250U – new generation nebulizer with the function of cooling the released aerosol. The inhaler is safe and requires almost no control. To do this, a special sensor is built in, which monitors the level of the liquid in the chamber.

The device differs in rather silent work (55 dB), the chamber for drugs contains 12 ml of solution. All family members can use such a nebulizer, as the kit includes masks for children and adults.


  • spraying drugs up to 1-5 microns;
  • fixed tubes;
  • protection against overheating;
  • high performance 1.5 ml/min;
  • relatively quiet.


  • high price;
  • it is necessary to hold the cup.

Little Doctor will help to treat not only colds and respiratory diseases, but also cope with asthma, tuberculosis and other severe diseases.

Best portable mesh home nebulizers

In principle, these are the same ultrasonic inhalers, only more advanced, compact and expensive.

AGU N7 Minimill is a kind of “toy” for children and adults

AGU N7 Minimill

The electron-mesh nebulizer produces a drug mist with particles of 4-5 microns in size. The volume of the container for the medicine is 6 ml, which is not bad for a portable device, especially considering the aerosol capacity of 0.35 ml/min.

The device is tiny, bright and silent (23 dB). Children like it very much. The manufacturer took care of the equipment, adding a mask, mouthpiece and even batteries to the device.


  • quiet operation;
  • compactness;
  • autonomous work from finger-type batteries;
  • low weight (74 g without medication);
  • case in the kit.


no masks for adults.

At first glance, Minimill is a purely children’s inhaler, although if you use the mouthpiece, such a device is also suitable for adults. The kids will be able to carry out procedures even sleeping.

Omron Micro AIR U22 (NE-U22-E) – the most autonomous mesh nebulizer

Omron Micro AIR U22This device is already larger in size but also relates to portable devices. It weighs a little less than 100 grams. 7 ml of the solution are placed in the medicine chamber. The capacity of the nebulizer is 0.25 ml/min.

Micro AIR is “friendly” with hormonal drugs and antibiotics. It can work through mains and batteries. In the second case, it will be enough for a total of 4 hours of inhalation. The mesh itself is very practical and convenient as a travel option but requires careful handling and thorough cleaning after use.


  • compact and light;
  • silent operation – no more than 20 dB;
  • you can carry out the procedure in any position;
  • excellent autonomy;
  • small residual volume (0.1 ml);
  • auto switch off.


  • very expensive;
  • the power cord must be purchased separately.

Pari Velox – lightweight and comfortable nebulizer

Pari VeloxThe portable model Pari Velox works on mains and 3 batteries. The weight of the nebulizer is only 103 g.

For a device with a 6 ml reservoir, the spraying rate is small (0.2-0.8 ml/min), however, the whole drug mist is delivered due to the valve system and a kind of storage spacer.

The kit contains masks for children and adults, a mouthpiece, a cover and a device for careful membrane cleaning. A network adapter comes with the entire kit.


  • compact size and a low weight;
  • when overturning the solution does not flow out of the chamber;
  • one button activation;
  • quiet work.