Hangsun Compact Compressor System Vaporizer Mist Inhaler Machine CN680

  • Hangsun Compressor Inhaler Machine CN680
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Hangsun CN680 Compact Compressor System is a popular, easy to use nebulizer that ensures effective therapy at home. The machine has a powerful motor that allows completing inhalation quicker and which means your nebulizer unit won’t be overheated. The device converts medication into the smallest particles that a person inhales deep into the lungs. Thus the medication quickly reaches the targeted area in the lungs and eliminates inflammation. This mains powered model is often used for treating asthma, COPD and other respiratory conditions and relieving the symptoms.

Hangsun CN680 has a compressed air technology and long life compressor, which allows a patient to use it frequently, so this machine is especially particularly useful for those who make inhalation several times per day. The machine has a high conversion rate of 0.2ml/min, which ensures a very short inhalation and a fast delivery of medication so that you feel better almost immediately. Thanks to the improved design, the nebulizer reduces medication wasting and maximizes its availability.

The package includes a compressor nebulizer, medication cup, air tube, TT-type connector, 4 spare air filters, mouthpiece, 1 adult and 1 kid mask, and manual.

Since the nebulizer is rather small and lightweight, you can easily take it for travel. Still, it has an internal compartment which safely holds all the attached accessories.

The usage is additionally simplified by one-button operation and a water-protected switch.

Another important advantage of Hangsun CN680 Compact Compressor System is that it is very silent – its noise level is less than 60 dB. Besides, the machine comes with a very long air tube – 1.5 m.

Type: Compressor
Particle Size: 5 μm
Home or Portable: Portable
Noise Level: Less than 60 dB
Chamber Volume: 5 ml
Medical Delivery System: Continuous
Use for Kids: Yes
Power: AC100-120V 60HZ
Free Flow Range: ≥10L/min
Conversion Rate: ≥0.2 ml/min
Compressor Pressure: 40Kpa-190Kpa
Extreme Pressure: 205Kpa-400Kpa


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