Hangsun Compact Compressor System Vaporizer Mist Inhaler Machine CN560

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Hangsun CN680 Compact Compressor System is a modern nebulizer with compressed air technology This device is used to treat diseases specific to the upper and lower respiratory tract (asthma, colds, etc.) The CN560 model has long life compressor, which allows to use it frequently, so is especially convenient for people who require inhalation several times a day.

The device is equipped with a new, more powerful motor which provides faster treatment and prevents the unit overheating and wastage when breathing out.
The package includes 1 compressor main unit, 1 medication cup, 1 air tube, 1 T-type connector, 4 spare air filters, 1 mouthpiece, 1 adult mask, 1 child mask, and 1 instruction manual. The comprehensive set of accessories allows you to start treatment immediately.

The main unit is rather lightweight (weights 1.25 kg), ultra quiet (sound level is less than 55 dB) and easy to use since it comes with a handle for easy transport. One-button operation makes the usage even simpler. The nebulizer has its own carry bag so it is really suitable for traveling.

Hangsun CN680 Compact Compressor System converts liquid medicine into the finest particles (particle size is less than 5 um) resulting in effective and targeted delivery). Another advantage is that the compressor is virtually noiseless (sound level is less than 55db) which makes this machine perfect for babies and toddlers. Besides, the device has a high conversion rate (0.2ml/min), which provides very fast delivery of medication and reduces treatment time, so that a patient gets faster relief. The system is perfectly suitable for people of all ages.

Users will surely appreciate an extra long hose (1.5m), one-button operation, a water-protected switch, and an internal compartment which comfortably holds all the kit accessories.

Keep in mind that the parts of the nebulizer must be regularly disinfected. For this, dip the parts for 10 minutes in a solution of vinegar and water in a ratio of 1:3. Other disinfection methods are not recommended (using boiling water or alcohol).

Type: Ultrasonic
Particle Size: Less than 5 μm
Home or Portable: Portable
Noise Level: Less then 55 dB
Time of Operation: 40 minutes
Chamber Volume: 10 ml
Use for Kids: Yes
Power: AC100-120V 60HZ
Free Flow Range: Less than 10L/min
Conversion Rate: Less than 0.2 ml/min
Compressor Pressure: 40Kpa-190Kpa
Extreme Pressure: 205Kpa-400Kpa
Operating Temperature: 10℃-40℃,85% and below
Storage Temperature and humidity: -10℃ to + 40℃,95% and below
Size: 140mm x 90mm x 190mm
Weight: 1.25 kg


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