Flyp: Portable Rechargeable Pocket-Size Nebulizer


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Flyp is a portable rechargeable pocket-size nebulizer. Over 3 years were spent to develop this device. A team of engineers has conducted numerous trials in 18 laboratories. As a result, there was born one of the quietest portable nebulizer working on HypersoniQ™ technology.

The general principle of operation lies in the internal disk which vibrates at an ultrasonic speed. This speed ensures to transform a liquid solution into an inhalable aerosol.

Flyp requires no additional masks, tubes, or external power sources. This device reduces one inhalation session to about 7 minutes dispensing 3ml of medication. Asthma, COPD or any other respiratory diseases can be taken under control with the help of this device.

Flyp is approved by the FDA as the most convenient device for travelers due to a smaller size and lightweight. The kit includes a nebulizer itself, USB dual voltage wall-charger, a bag for storage of a machine. This device is dispensed in a little 3” x 4” x 5.5” box.

After every inhalation session, Flyp should be cleaned properly:

  • pour distilled water into a medication reservoir;
  • let a device operate for at least 60 sec.;
  • for cleaning a mouthpiece and reservoir, remove these pieces;
  • place it into a solution from warm water + mild dishwashing liquid;
  • rinse these pieces under running tap water;
  • shake off excess water;
  • dry the pieces off;
  • assemble a nebulizer again.

Sizing Guide: flyp-tips
Warranty: 3 year
Color: White
Method of Nebulization: Vibrating Mesh Technology
Intended Use: Adolescent and above
Sound Level: less than 35 dBA
Size: 15 oz.
Product Dimensions: 1.1″(d) x 4.7″(h) x 2.1″ (w)
Power Supply: Rechargeable lithium ion battery
Product Weight: 3.6 Oz with battery
Particle Size: 5 Microns or Less


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