FHLP Steam Compressor Cool Mist Inhaler Kits for Adult and Children

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The FHLP Steam Compressor Cool Mist Inhaler is very efficient and greatly relieve the administration of medication. It turns liquid medicine into aerosol droplets which you inhale. The system is suitable for kids and adults who suffer from asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases, and other respiratory diseases and disorders.

With this nebulizer, you do not need to worry about a big, heavy machine that’s difficult to use or too weighty to take with you. The FHLP Vaporizer Compressor is lightweight (weighs less than 3 lbs), which makes it an ideal choice for travel, home, school, etc.

The package includes 1 compressor, 1 air tube, 5 air filters, 1 adult mask, 1 kid’s mask, 1 angled mouthpiece, 1 manual. The masks, tube and mouthpiece are washable and reusable. An advantage of the system is that it comes with a complete kit and includes everything you need for use!

The compressor has 2 storage compartments – for the power cord and for all accessories for saving space and making inhalation more convenient.

The machine has a lid which can put all parts and wire inside the compressor at the bottom. Thus you can keep your nebulizer in order and clean.

The manufacturer warns that you need to wipe the system with alcohol to disinfect after washing with clean water. There is no need to use hot water or high-temperature sterilization.

To make an inhalation, you just need to follow some simple steps:

  1. Wash your hands
  2. Place the medication into the cup
  3. Attach the mouthpiece
  4. Connect the tubing
  5. Turn on the air compressor
  6. Continue to inhale the medication

Particle Size: 0.5-5 μm
Liter Flow Range: 6 – 10 LPM
Type: Compressor
Home or Portable: Portable
Use for Kids: Yes
Average Compressor Rate: Min 0.2 ml/min
Noise Level: Less than 65 dBA
Power: 120 V / 60 Hz
Chamber volume: 6 ml
Compressor Pressure Range: 30 – 36 psi
Operating Pressure Range: 8 -16 psi
Liter Flow Range: 6 – 8 LPM
Power: 110 V / 60 Hz


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