Feellife Air Pro II Portable Ultrasonic Atomizer for Kids and Adult

  • Feellife Air Pro II
  • Feellife Air Pro II
  • Feellife Air Pro II
  • Feellife Air Pro II
  • Feellife Air Pro II
  • Feellife Air Pro II

Feellife Air Pro II is a popular ultrasonic portable nebulizer that is suitable for kids and adults. It’s just 4 ounces around and weights 111g, so it’ simple to use at home or on the go. The package includes a USB cable, a mouthpiece, a pediatric mask, instructions for use, a certificate, a warranty card, and the main machine.The main feature of Feellife Air Pro II nebulizer is that it is lightweight and portable. It has low power consumption, rather silent operation (noise less than 30dB).

The device has only one button, which simplifies its use. Other important advantages are low water level sensing and multi-angle nebulization.

The nebulizer has a replaceable medication cup – the head is easily detached for easy cleaning.

It takes 5-10 minutes to dispense treatment, and the nebulizer shuts off automatically after each medication dose.

The machine is charged via micro USB cable to any 5v USB power adapter or you can plug it directly into your PC. And it can be charged in the car from a USB outlet. According to the manual, Feellife Air Pro II charges very quickly and you can get many uses before it needs charging.

The device is small enough to take with you anywhere and can work in a slanting position wherever lie in bed.

The machine produces uniform particles. The medication droplets are smaller and penetrate deeper into the lungs than by using the compressor nebulizer. It allows operation in all directions.

Types of medication that can be used in Feellife Air Pro II nebulizer include Albuterol, Atrovent, Duoneb, Mucomyst, Pulmicort, Pulmozyme, Sodium chloride, inhaled antibiotics, inhaled bronchodilators, and inhaled solutions.

Type: Ultrasonic
Particle Size: 1-5 μm
Noise Level: Less than 30dB
Duration: 10 minutes
Chamber Volume: 10ml
Use for Kids: Yes
Medical Delivery System: Automatic
Home or Portable: Portable
Power supply: DC 4.8V lithium titanate rechargeable batteries
Power consumption: <4.0W
Battery life: The remaining capacity keeps more than 80% of the initial capacity after 3000 cycles of use
Atomization rate: >0.35ml/minute
MMAD: 2.5±30%μm
Liquid cup volume: 10ml
Vibrating frequency: 120KHz±10KHz
Working temperature: Min.5℃ – Max.40℃
Working humidity: Max. 80% RH
Auto off: Automatic power off after 10 minutes of use


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