Feellife AIR PRO (AIR Mini 360) Portable Ultrasonic Inhaler

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Feellife AIR PRO nebulizer for kids and adults is used in the treatment of bronchitis, laryngitis, sore throat, helps relieve asthma, allergies.

The compact mesh nebulizer is a high-performance medical inhalation device. Due to the small size and minimum weight, the device can be taken on the road, to carry out procedures without reference to the place.

The portable mesh nebulizer for children and adults meets all the requirements of quality and safety, and its components are made of high-quality materials. Mash inhaler makes it easier to breathe, thin the mucus, moisten and relieve inflammation, swelling from the throat during a night’s sleep. No need to wake the child to carry out the procedure inhalation.

Silent operation of the Feellife AIR PRO nebulizer is a huge advantage. The medicine container is sealed tightly, so the nebulizer mesh can be used while lying down.

Features of Feellife AIR PRO (AIR Mini 360) nebulizer:

  • Compact, autonomous;
  • Silent operation;
  • Large chamber volume;
  • Superfine articles
  • Spray rate: 0.5 ml / min.
  • An opportunity to carry out inhalations lying;
  • Single one button operation;
  • Replaceable medication cup;
  • Works from batteries, either from the USB port of a computer, laptop or from any charging for a mobile phone with a USB output;
  • Easy to handle and store.

The package includes 1 nebulizer, 1 mouthpiece, 2 masks (1 for adult,1 for child), 1 USB cable.

Name: LFS mini Air 360+A
Type: Ultrasonic
Particle Size: 1-5 μm
Home or Portable: Portable
Noise Level: Less than 29 dB
Chamber Volume: 10 ml
Use for Kids: Yes
Weight: Approx. 70g (excluding batteries)
Power Consumption: Below 3.0W
Ultrasonic Frequency: 110KHz±10KHz
Water Temperature: Below 40 degree
Operating Conditions: 5~+40 degree, 30%RH~85%RH
Storage Conditions: -10~+50 degree, 30%RH~85%RH
Power Supply: DC 4.8V (two AA lithium batteries) OR 5.0V Micro USB
Package Dimension: (L)107mm X (W) 39mm X (H)134mm
Carton Dimension(6 unit/carton): 229mm X 215mm X 154mm


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