Can I Buy a Nebulizer Over the Counter?

Every patient should visit a doctor who will write a prescription for a nebulizer itself and medication, in particular.

Do you need a prescription for a nebulizer machine?

Yes, you do. Nebulizers are dispensed in conventional drugstores with a doctor’s prescription. A patient should undergo medical examination during which nebulizer treatments will be selected. The medications should be used as a short or long-term therapy. Every medication for nebulizer therapy is dispensed with a prescription. There are cases when a patient may buy over the counter nebulizer medications but their effectiveness and safety have not been approved by the US FDA.nebulizer ots or rx

Nebulizer medications

The majority of nebulizer medicine cannot be purchased over the counter. Every patient should consult a physician who will select a correct therapy for your diagnosis. It is better not to put your health at risk buying over the counter nebulizer medications.

This is a table with medications which can be prescribed by a doctor for asthma and other respiratory diseases’ treatment:

Drug category Examples
Drugs expanding the bronchi (bronchodilators)
  • Beta-2 agonist: salbutamol, Ventolin Nebules, Salgim solution, Sterineb Salamol, Asthalin
  • Fenoterol: Berotec
  • Combined solutions: Berodual
  • Anticholinergic drugs: Ipratropium bromide (Atrovent)
  • Lasolvan;
  • AmbroHEXAL;
  • 0,9% physiological saline solution of sodium chloride;
  • NaCI solution (3 or 4%);
  • Fluimucil;
  • Pulmozyme.
Anti-bacterial drugs prescription drug for nebulizer – Fluimucil-antibiotic
Anti-inflammatory drugs Glucocorticosteroids: Pulmicort (Budesonide), a suspension for a nebulizer machine
Antitussive drugs Sterile saline (0.9% sodium chloride) is used as a solution. Do not use tap (even boiled) and distilled water. The temperature of the solution at the time of inhalation should not be below 20 °C. With the simultaneous appointment of several drugs, a bronchodilator is inhaled first, mucolytic – after 10-15 minutes. After sputum secretion, anti-inflammatory drugs can be applied.

The list of over the counter nebulizers at Amazon

Wizard Research Laboratories Handheld Sized Portable Nebulizer – Silent – Rechargeable – for Saline, Albuterol, Other Liquids (B084KZ8PSN)

This nebulizer is rechargeable, portable, silent. Its kit includes different masks and caps that suit for both adults and kids. It is automatic when the medicine is over, it is off.

Tangxia Cordless Personal Steam Inhaler Portable Nebulisers, Breathing Machine Nebuliser Handheld Nebuliser with Self-clean Design, Easy to Clean and No More Clogging

This is a mesh nebulizer, almost silent, portable, easy in operation. When the medicine is over, it is colored in light orange. Used to relieve respiratory symptoms.

Portable Nebuliser - Handheld Mesh Atomizer Machine for Home Daily Use, Ultrasonic Nebuliser Personal Inhalers for Breathing Problems

Portable Nebuliser – Handheld Mesh Atomizer Machine for Home Daily Use, Ultrasonic Nebuliser Personal Inhalers for Breathing Problems

This is a mesh nebulizer creating particles of 2-3 μm. Portable, lightweight, noiseless, rechargeable. It has an USB cable in the kit.

Portable Mesh Nebulisers Handheld Nebulizador – Mini Asthma Inhaler for Kids Adult,Travel,Home Daily Use

Mesh nebulizer for asthma treatment. Noiseless, particle size – 2-3 μm. Work at AA batteries or USB power supply.

MAYLUCK Portable Compressor Nebulizer, Nebulizer Machine with 1 Set Accessory, Jet Nebulizers Personal Steam Inhaler Cool Mist Compressor System for Kids Adults

This is a compressor nebulizer. The particles are 0.5-10 μm. Suitable for adults and kids. Perfect for home use.

Small Compressor Cold Mist Humidifier Machine for Home Use, Mini Size for Kids and Adults with Accessories

This is a compressor nebulizer. Mini size suitable for both adults and kids. The kit includes many different accessories.

RSV Hypertonic Saline Solution 7% – Nebulizer diluent for inhalators and nasal hygiene devices Helps Clear Congestion from Airways and Lungs – Reduce Mucus (25 Sterile Saline Bullets of 5ml)

This is a steile solution applied for the improvement of the lung function. It is released as 25 single-use-premeasured 5ml containers.

Nebulizer Machine for Kids Adults Babies Albuterol, Portable Compressor System Personal Cool Mist kit with Nebulizer Tubing Mouthpiece Mask Kits (White) by only warm

This is a compressor nebulizer fit for adults, kids, and babies. It is low noise (less than 58 dB). It is portable, lightweight, one button operation.

Personal Cool Mist Inhaler Compressor System for Child -120V/60HZ-Carry Bag-Penguin

This is a compressor nebulizer created for kids in the form of penguin. It comes with disposable neb kit,pediatric mask, tubing, and a carry bag.

Trek S Battery Operated Piston Compressor with AC and DC Adapters (Battery Not Included)

This is s battery piston compressor nebulizer. Battery is not included in the kit.

Personal Compressor System two kits and carry bag (Battery Operated)

This is a personal compressor. It is suitable for kids and adults. It is baterry operated. The kit includes rechargeable battery and carry bag.

Nowadays, different online services may offer you nebulizers over the counter. Every customer may get acquainted with over the counter nebulizers even on Amazon. Here, there is a list with nebulizers of different types:

  • FIGERM Upgraded Cool Mist Inhaler Compressor System;
  • Uniclife Portable Compressor System Kit Cool Mist Inhaler for Kids Adults;
  • Wave Medical WMP101 Compact Piston Compressor with Adult and Children’s Mask Kits + Travel Bag;
  • TTstar Compressor System Personal Cool Mist Inhaler Machine Kit for Adults and Kids with 1 Set Parts Kit;
  • Nebulizer Wizard – Rechargeable Silent Portable for Home & Travel;
  • Hangsun Compact Compressor System Vaporizer Mist Inhaler Machine CN680 for Kids and Adults Home Use;
  • RoyAroma Personal Cool Mist Inhaler Compressor System for Child Adult-120V/60HZ;
  • Punasi Portable Mini Nebulizer Machine Rechargeable USB Handheld Inhaler Machine/Personal Cool Mist Vaporizer for Adult Kid.

This list relates to one of the best selling over the counter machines helping to relieve asthma attacks. The majority of offered nebulizers may be used at home for individual purposes. Of course, if you doubt what machine you need you may ask a physician to write a prescription. In any case, you need to consult a physician as medications used for asthma treatment are dispensed with a doctor prescription only.

Can expenses for nebulizers be covered by insurance?

Yes, you can in the case if you have asked your doctor to write a legal prescription for buying a nebulizer. It means you have to visit a physician in any case. The physician should establish a diagnosis, therapy for it and its duration.

Medicare, Medicaid, and Commercial Insurance may offer to cover your expenses for a nebulizer and medications for the treatment of bronchial asthma. If you have Medicare insurance plan you should provide the following information:

  • a complete description of nebulizer and medications;
  • duration of therapy;
  • diagnosis;
  • prescribed medications;
  • doctor signature;
  • date.

If some of these positions are absent, Medicare and Medicaid will deny paying for your kit even if your doctor writes a prescription for your nebulizer.

If your expenses are covered by Commercial Insurance plans you are welcome to provide much more detailed information about your condition and prescription for a nebulizer. The following data should be provided:

  • the recipient name, address and social security number;
  • nebulizer and medications for it;
  • the diagnosis confirmed by a physician;
  • serious causes for buying a nebulizer;
  • the therapy duration;
  • a patient’s contact data;
  • a document with a doctor’s signature.

In any case, you have to make an appointment with the doctor who will assess your condition. The insurance company will decide whether the confirmed data are enough to cover the expenses for a nebulizer and medications for it.